Our wholesale bundles are perfect for store owners trying to keep their racks full, part time re-sellers & anyone looking to make some extra income. Save time searching for items while still paying similar prices to thrift stores and other methods of sourcing. We offer a variety of categories including varsity, branded, sports etc. and are always happy to make bundles based on your needs. All prices include shipping anywhere in Canada and can be shipped worldwide for an additional cost. Bundles consist of both Men & Women's S-XXL items with the occasional XS. Most items are Men's unless otherwise stated. 

The photos you see are not the items you will receive. They are bundles we've previously sold and are simply for reference. If you would like to see your items before purchasing or want to mix & match categories, we also offer virtual custom wholesale appointments. Please see information below for where you can contact us.

Most wholesale items are 2000's & up with the occasional 90's item. If you're interested in the premium 80's/90's items we sell individually on our website, we also offer wholesale discounts for those items. Please send us a message on our Instagram to receive a breakdown of the discounts we offer. 

For any questions or requests you may have, please feel free to DM us on Instagram @off_suited, email us at offsuitedvintage@gmail.com or give us a call at 519-820-9994.

If you'd like to know when our Wholesale bundles are restocked, leave your information below!

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