Branded T-shirt Tees 18 Item Wholesale Bundle Lot (Nike, Carhartt)

Branded T-shirt Tees 18 Item Wholesale Bundle Lot (Nike, Carhartt)


Great for store owners or reselling pages who don’t have multiple days to source. Prices are very competitive to thrifts and it’s shipped right to your door. We have a variety of bundles so be sure to check out our other listings & feel free to message us about any questions or concerns you may have.


All of our bundles are sizes S-XL with the occasional XS or XXL. Bundles include both men & women’s clothing but will usually consist mainly of men’s.


Our condition standard is “if we wouldn’t sell it ourselves we won’t sell it to you”, meaning some items will have flaws (small stains, paint hits, tiny holes, light piling etc) but generally speaking we spend a lot of time grading them so you’ll never get something unsellable. You can check our website to get an idea of what kind of flaws we’re ok with! @off_suited


Please note unlike our website items bundles are not washed before shipping. We are happy to clean them for an additional charage and as with all of our items highly recommend customers wash on arrival.

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